Guerrilla Projections

by Nomadix Media

Posted on December 06, 2022

Guerrilla Projections

Born from the UKs first Guerrilla Marketing Agency (Kommando), we understand the dark art of injecting brands and their messages into public spaces.

All too often brands and business make the mistake of wasting  piles of valuable cash and time on traditional media routes and formats to get their message over.

Unless you are spending thousands on buying media on the ancient premise of scale and repetition, don’t do it. We think it’s more advantageous to be adventurous and lazer guided with marketing budgets.

In a digitally connected world with busy people on the move, how do you reach and connect with your target audience, where and when they are most receptive?

Stunt marketing disrupts landscapes and peoples everyday line of sight to create positive word of mouth. Using powerful technology such as Guerrilla Projections it’s possible to deliver highly visible graphics and motion pictures that capture attention and trigger the sharing of experiences across mobile and WOM.

Unlike giant projection systems that require a van and generator, Nomadix iProjector is a fully portable and battery powered projection advertising system, designed to allow users to access pedestrian areas and more eyeballs, where larger systems can’t reach.

Using outdoor projection technology gives brands a valuable Guerrilla Marketing technology for the digital age and lower cost to return ratios.