What is projection advertising

by Nomadix Media

Posted on October 14, 2022

What is projection advertising

Finding and reaching your target audience in busy locations is a challenge for brands.

More so it becomes hugely expensive to book large traditional formats to achieve the scale and repitition required to capture attention. Reaching any target audience in city centres or events requires a media that delivers unmissible content, straight to the hearts and minds of passers by, creating word of mouth and sharing opportunities across social media by mobile.

Powerful outdoor projection technology is the only method to turn the blank canvas of buildings and landmarks into advertising displays for marketers. Unlike static media formats that are easily ignored by passers by, projection advertising uses outdoor projection technology such as nomadix iprojector to beam motion or static content onto hard surfaces in areas that disrupt and create word of mouth.

There's no requirement for permissions and with a hand portable system and you can easily roam with full creative freedom. There's simply no other way to reach younger audiences at night with relevant content and operating hand held projectors you eliminate the need to use trolleys or generators that limit access and agility. Projection advertising relies on maximum flexibility and freedom to allow operators to roam and access indoors and outdoors areas. 

Projection advertising remains the only digital media technology that finds, delivers and engages audiences anywhere under cover of the night.