Power your creativity with iProjector. 

Carry, point, aim and beam.  Target buildings and landmarks that other large scale systems cannot reach. 

Power & scale without the need of support vehicles or expensive permissions. 


iProjector Mapping

Size Matters

Some say the best things come in small packages.  

iProjector may be compact but it packs a powerful punch.   From 4 to 40 metres our technology ensures your messaging is unmissable.

Scale up or down.. The choice is yours!

Loud and clear

Loud and clear

Each iProjector boasts a punchy integrated stereo sound system, with remote volume controls. Providing the flexibility to grab any crowd’s attention or subtly manage the mood.

Link up, beam out

Link up, beam out

Powered by our cloud based digital signage software Halo, we've made it easy to connect and communicate the right message with the right audience anywhere. 

iProjector with Halo provides unrivalled control on the move. 

The power of freedom

The power of freedom

Pin-sharp outdoor projections need serious power without ruining our planet.

iProjector uses our latest lithium battery technology with crucial hot-swap capability to power your digital advertising projections on the move.


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